Cabin crew interviews are demanding and there are lots of interview stages to pass. Speaking with the recruiter is the one chance a candidate has to really impress. Learning what kind of questions will be asked and practicing responses is the best way to stand out and show that you have done your homework. Most airlines will not allow you to apply again as cabin crew for another six months, so it is important to give it your best shot.

Tell us about yourself

Outline your work experience and focus on the customer service aspect. Mention any related education, e.g., travel and tourism, first aid or languages, things that are appropriate to the role of cabin crew.

What can you bring to the role?

Use the question as a showcase and tell the recruiter why you want to be cabin crew and how your experience relates to the role. Make sure that you have done the research and understand exactly what the position is and what is involved.

Why do you want to work for us?

Again, research is key. Find out about the airline and its history. Know what type of aircraft they operate and what some of their destinations are. If you have read any recent news about the airline, add that too, saying that you were excited to hear that xxxxx Airlines was adding another five Airbus A350s to their fleet.

ITA Airways Airbus A350-900

Photo: Getty Images

When have you provided excellent customer service?

Give direct examples from your career to show that you’ve really thought about it and can provide evidence based on experience. Think of a time when you went above and beyond the line of duty or went the extra mile for someone.

How do you take criticism?

If you are cabin crew, you will take a lot of criticism during your career, so it is wise to be prepared for it. It is especially important to say that you learn from it and that it can be seen as constructive feedback. An example here from real life is useful.

Virgin cabin crew

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

What are your strengths?

Thinking about the role, what strengths do you have that complement it? Have you worked shifts, or used to working under pressure, for example? Are you used to working as part of a team and dealing with people in general? Give examples, if possible.

What are your weaknesses?

Think about a habit or concern that you have and how you can learn from it and turn it into a positive change. Choose something that is not directly related to the cabin crew job, as you do not specifically want to draw attention to it!

Have you ever experienced bad customer service?

Give an example of bad service from your experience but then also add how that bad service could have been rectified and turned into a good customer experience instead.


Photo: Cathay Pacific

What are the hardest things about being cabin crew?

Again knowing about the role in detail will help and show the recruiter that you understand the role and its demands. So, you can mention things like being away from friends and family and missing special occasions.

Do you have any questions?

Use this opportunity to show initiative and ask about future career growth or training opportunities. It shows that you are looking to develop a long-term career with the airline.


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