These 7 items will help you be prepared for just about anything.

1) Cleaning Supplies

Keep a box with window and fuselage cleaning spray and rags, and always use a microfiber towel on the windscreen.

2) Maintenance Kit, Oil, And Funnel

Having a basic maintenance kit with a screwdriver, swiss army knife, and hammer is important. In addition to that, keep at least 1 quart of spare oil with a funnel for quick servicing on your trips.

3) Jack Points

If you blow a tire, you’ll need to jack up the airplane. And if the maintenance crew doesn’t have jack points made for your plane, you might be stuck. You can’t use the tie-down connection points, because they can bend, and the jack can slip off and puncture your wing.

Most manufacturers provide jack points to carry in your airplane that are designed to prevent this problem. Make sure you have them packed for your next flight.

4) Wheel Chocks And Tie-Downs

Most airports have tie-downs and chocks, but if they don’t, you’re always prepared.

5) Water And Snacks

Having a small box with extra water and snacks is a good idea for normal operations, and an even better one in the case of an emergency.

6) Tow Bar

If you don’t have one of these in your airplane, you could have a very hard pushing your plane onto a “T” or moving it around self-fuel. We’ve learned this one from experience!

7) Survival Kit

While the odds of being forced to use a survival kit are low, it’s good to be prepared. If you have a forced landing late in the day, chances are search and rescue won’t get to you until the following day.

What else do you keep in your airplane? Tell us in the comments below.


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