Icelandair has the 12th-highest number of nonstop flights between Europe and North America this winter, analyzing the latest schedules data from OAG reveals. Iceland’s flag carrier has a record number of transatlantic services, up 2% over the previous peak. However, because a large chunk is by Boeing MAX 8s and 9s, the number of seats for sale has fallen by 17% versus the winter record held in 2018. It nicely illustrates the use of narrowbodies long-haul.

Up to 15 daily flights

Icelandair has 1,358 Keflavik to North America flights this winter, some 90% to the US. It has up to 15 transatlantic departures daily, although analysis shows the average is eight. There should be little surprise that Icelandair is a pretty summer-seasonal airline, with winter flights around half that of summer.

Icelandair 737 MAX 8 line up

Photo: Icelandair.

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71% of US/Canada services by the MAX

More than seven in every ten winter flights is by the MAX, especially the smaller 8 series, as shown below. All Canada flights are by the MAX with one exception: on October 30th, the first day Icelandair shifted to its winter schedule, the 757-200ER operated to Vancouver, a route that will resume next May. In contrast, 67% of US flights use the MAX.

Surprisingly, Icelandair has nearly twice as many North America flights by the 767 as the 757:

  1. 737 MAX 8: 520 Keflavik-North America winter flights (38.3%)
  2. 737 MAX 9: 442 (32.5%)
  3. 767-300ER: 253 (18.6%)
  4. 757-200ER: 142 (10.5%)
  5. 757-300ER: 1 (0.1%); March 25th, the day before schedules switch to summer
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Icelandair 737 MAX

Winter flights are across 13 routes (excluding Vancouver’s single flight on October 30th). They include Raleigh Durham, which started in May. They’re summarized below in order of the number of services:

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