A TUI flight had to make an unscheduled stop in Romania after it suffered a bird strike nearly two hours into the flight. While the plane landed safely without any injuries onboard, many passengers complained that they were not taken care of by the airline in Romania.

Bird strike and diversion

On September 17th, a TUI flight from Antalya to Rotterdam had to be diverted to Romania after it hit a bird midway into the journey. The aircraft, a Boeing 737, had to make an unscheduled stop at Romania’s capital Bucharest as it sustained significant damage to the cockpit window, which was almost shattered.

According to a passenger on the flight, the plane made an “uncontrolled hard emergency landing,” and there was a “slight panic” among passengers as it touched down. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the incident.

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Flight path

Passenger ordeal

While the flight landed successfully at around 18:53, some passengers were not happy with what followed. According to NL Times, passengers had to wait inside the aircraft for close to two hours after landing before they were allowed to deboard.

The travelers were also unable to contact the airline about accommodation and claimed they received conflicting information from TUI.

One of the passengers, Kim Heijdenrijk, tweeted that TUI sent a text message with information to passengers on the wrong flight. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the airplane crew was given hotel accommodation while most passengers, including the elderly, were forced to stay the night at the airport.

Among those given a hotel stay included a pregnant woman and a couple, but quite a few travelers did not meet the visa requirement to leave the airport. One of the passengers reported that some mothers did not have access to baby food, and the elderly were left without medication.

Other incidents

This isn’t the first time TUI passengers have been inconvenienced. While the flight on Saturday had good reasons to divert, last month, one TUI flight bound for Menorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands made an unscheduled stop in Aberdeen, Scotland. The airline explained that the flight had to make a short stop in Scotland to provide a replacement crew member for another TUI flight, but customers were understandably not happy with the detour. The plane eventually reached Menorca more than two hours late.

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A TUI Boeing 737 MAX 8

In August, another TUI flight made a diversion to Scotland, but for totally unexpected reasons. Photo:  Anna Zvereva via Flickr .

However, in a complete opposite of the above-mentioned flight experiences, a TUI pilot returned to the gate at Tenerife recently to pick up two passengers. The passengers were traveling as a family back to Manchester, and it wasn’t until they arrived at security that the parents discovered that one of their daughters had lost her passport.

Airport security would not let her pass without it, so her father, Adrian, stayed behind with his daughter while the remaining four family members went on ahead and boarded the flight. The passport was found just in time, and once the captain heard of the predicament, he decided to turn the plane around and return to the gate. The two passengers rejoined their family and made it safely to Manchester.

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Source: NL Times

Source: simpleflying.com

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