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Emirates has announced that it will offer passengers aboard all flights traveling from Australia to Dubai complimentary tickets to one of the city’s most significant attractions, The Museum of the Future. All passengers aboard these flights may take advantage of this offering regardless of cabin class.

The tickets are only available for trips between September 22nd and December 8th. Tickets will be available on Emirates website using code MFUTRUE. All airfare must be booked before October 2nd to receive the complimentary museum ticket. Having secured their flight, passengers will receive a redemption code from Emirates. This code must be used on the museum’s website, where passengers will receive their museum tickets before they arrive. All tickets to the museum are only valid through December 15th.

A museum of tomorrow

As the name suggests, The Museum of the Future showcases future technologies that humanity is working to develop. Considered to be one of the city’s most iconic and beautiful buildings, the museum offers an immersive experience in various fields of future technology. The museum creates this experience through multiple exhibits, many of which utilize virtual reality technologies to immerse the guests 50 years into the future.

Museum of the Future Arial View in Fog

The Museum of the future is one of Dubai’s largest attractions. Photo: Museum of the Future

There are exhibits for many technological fields. The museum has something to offer everyone, from space exploration and colonization to the natural wonders of planet earth. It not only showcases technologies currently undergoing development but also showcases technologies still in the embryonic stage.

For many science and engineering companies, the museum serves as a drawing board where new ideas can be shared and critiqued. Visitors are given the unique opportunity to share feedback and ideas with the creators at these exhibits, allowing them to contribute to the future by helping to shape the world of tomorrow. Young up-and-coming creators have also used this platform to present new ideas and receive public attention.

Emirates and the Museum of the Future have entered into this partnership to promote one another’s traffic levels. Emirates hopes that the new offering will attract Australian travelers to Dubai. The museum hopes that the increase in visitors will allow it to share its beauty with a larger number of people. Both will work to promote tourism in Dubai, bringing money into the local economy. Simple Flying has reached out to Emirates concerning the museum partnership. This article will be updated once a response has been received.

Emirates A380 parked in Dubai

The added tourism traffic in Dubai benefits both the local economy and Emirates Photo: Emirates.

Emirates has promoted tourism in Dubai for years. The international airline is headquartered there, making it ideal for many wishing to visit Dubai from foreign lands. Any money brought in by Emirates from tourists benefits the airline directly and indirectly. Firstly it benefits from ticket sales, and secondly, as it is a significant contributor to the local economy, it receives the indirect benefits of operating in a strong economy.

Aside from the museum, the airline uses the area’s famous beaches and rich culture to attract customers. Through its site, customers can handle all booking needs for their trips. In addition to being able to book flights, customers may also book hotel stays, leisure experiences, and visits to many of the most popular local attractions.

What do you think of this latest offering from Emirates? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: simpleflying.com

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