Cincinnati and Raleigh Durham, two of Delta’s ten Paris routes, will be served by the 767-400ER for the first time.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-400ER
Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

The latest schedule upload reveals that Delta will deploy the 767-400ER from Cincinnati and Raleigh Durham to Paris CDG next summer, the first time the largest of the 767 family has been used on the two routes. It’ll replace the 767-300ER on the ‘SkyTeam links.’ And for the first time since the pandemic struck, Raleigh Durham-Paris will return to 1x daily.

What’s happening?

Details of the changes are as follows, and they’re now reflected on Delta’s website. The disharmony between Cincinnati’s finish and start dates is because aircraft are ‘swapped’ in Paris CDG. In the case of Raleigh Durham, it’s because there’s no Paris-Raleigh flight on March 25th, as the route’s frequency rises from 4x weekly in winter to the summer high of 1x daily.

  • Cincinnati to Paris CDG: 3x weekly, DL228, 18:55-09:15+1, 767-400ER from March 25th, last 767-300ER flight March 23rd
  • Paris CDG to Cincinnati: 3x weekly, DL229, 12:00-15:25, 767-400ER from March 28th, last 767-300ER flight March 25th
  • Raleigh Durham to Paris CDG: 1x daily, DL230, 18:00-08:10, 767-400ER from March 25th, last 767-300ER flight March 24th
  • Paris CDG to Raleigh Durham: 1x daily, DL231, 11:15-14:15, 767-400ER from March 26th, last 767-300ER flight March 24th
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Delta 767-400ER

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58% more seats for sale

Until last week, when the 767-300ER was scheduled, Delta had expected 34,100 Cincinnati-CDG seats between April and September and 44,900 to/from Raleigh Durham, when 4x weekly was planned.

Both were to see 216-seat 767-300ERs. These have 26 lie-flat seats in Delta One business class (1-2-1 layout) and 18 premium economy seats sold as Premium Select (2-2-2). There are also 21 extra-legroom economy seats (2-3-2) and 151 in standard economy (2-3-2).

Delta’s 767-400ERs have 238 seats. There are 34 Delta One, 20 Premium Select, 28 extra-legroom, and 156 in economy. Switching to this equipment means that Cincinnati’s seat capacity has risen to 37,600 (+10%). Because Raleigh Durham will now be 1x daily, it has nearly doubled to 87,000 (+94%).

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A summary

Delta introduced Cincinnati-CDG 25 years ago, in April 1997. Since then, it has carried about three million Paris passengers, according to the US Department of Transportation. It was, of course, during the days of Delta’s Cincinnati hub when the carrier also served Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, London Gatwick, Munich, Paris Orly, and Zürich. Now, only CDG remains, mainly to feed fellow SkyTeam carrier Air France.

Raleigh Durham to CDG is a much more recent addition. Delta launched it in May 2016, since which some 383,000 have been transported, obviously impacted by not being served for two and a half years because of the pandemic. It is one of three Raleigh routes to Europe, joining BA from London Heathrow and Icelandair from Keflavik.

Delta's Paris CDG summer 2023 route network

Image: GCMap.

Delta’s 10 CDG routes

Next summer, Delta will serve 26 airports across Europe. Naturally, Amsterdam is the most served by capacity, followed by Paris CDG. Both are driven by being core SkyTeam airports, although Paris obviously enjoys very strong point-to-point demand too. Delta has ten CDG routes, two more than from Amsterdam. They are:

  1. Atlanta to CDG: 2x to 3x daily (18x weekly); A330-300, 767-400ER, 767-300ER
  2. Boston to CDG: 1x daily; A330neo
  3. Cincinnati to CDG: 3x weekly; 767-400ER
  4. Detroit to CDG: 1x daily; A330-300
  5. Los Angeles to CDG: 1x daily; A330neo
  6. Minneapolis to CDG: 1x daily; A330neo
  7. New York JFK to CDG: 2x daily; A330-300, 767-400ER
  8. Raleigh Durham to CDG: 1x daily; 767-400ER
  9. Salt Lake City to CDG: 1x daily; A330neo
  10. Seattle: 1x daily; A330-300

Have you flown Delta to/from Paris? If so, share your experience in the comments.


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