Denver serves 196 routes non-stop in Q1. Here are the top 10.

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Denver has 196 non-stop routes in the third three months of 2023, based on examining the airport’s whole schedule using Cirium data. These include those served on a limited basis, such as Saturday-only links to the Caribbean. Last week I showed that Denver is the USA’s third-busiest airport between January and March 2023.

Denver’s top 10 routes

It is always somewhat ‘tricky’ looking at a hub, i.e., an airport important for transit passengers, as the simple provision of flights doesn’t signify where passengers actually go. That is especially the case if they’re to other hubs, compounded further by most top 10 routes involving big cities. Nonetheless, it is insightful in its own way.

The 628-mile (1,011km) link from Denver to Las Vegas has more flights than any other route, although it is neck and neck with Phoenix. Indeed, with 2,290 departing flights – a weird number to get your head around – Las Vegas is the nation’s eighth most-served route by this measure. It has an average of 25 flights daily but fluctuates between 18 and 29.

Denver to…

Q1 flights (average daily)

Airline/s (by flights)

% of local passengers (Q2 22)

Find flights

Las Vegas

2,290 (25)

Southwest, United, Frontier, Spirit


Click here for Denver-Las Vegas flights


2,286 (25)

Southwest, United, American, Frontier


Click here for Denver-Phoenix flights

Salt Lake City

1,888 (21)

Southwest, United, Delta, Frontier


Click here for Denver-Salt Lake City flights

Los Angeles

1,774 (19)

United, Southwest, Delta, American, Spirit


Click here for Denver-Los Angeles flights

Chicago O’Hare

1,484 (16)

United, Southwest, American


Click here for Denver-O’Hare flights


1,452 (16)

Southwest, Delta, United, Frontier, Sun Country


Click here for Denver-Minneapolis flights


1,400 (15)

Delta, Southwest, United, Frontier


Click here for Denver-Atlanta flights


1,394 (15)

United, Alaska, Southwest, Delta, Frontier


Click here for Denver-Seattle flights

Dallas Fort Worth

1,317 (15)

American, United, Frontier


Click here for Denver-Dallas flights

New York LaGuardia

1,258 (14)

United, Southwest, JetBlue, Delta


Click here for Denver-LaGuardia flights

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737

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6 in 10 Las Vegas passengers were local

While the most recent Department of Transportation data available to me is from Q2 (April-June) 2022, this is useful as it shows whether passengers are local (point-to-point, P2P), i.e., where they only traveled to/from Denver, versus those who transited. Some 61% of Denver-Las Vegas passengers were local: they only flew between the two cities. Naturally, the proportion of P2P passengers varied wildly by airline: from 38% with United to 72% with ULCC Frontier.

Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-200, N702FR, in Courtney the Cougar Livery - Philadelphia, PA 2018

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88% of routes are domestic

Of Denver’s 196 non-stop destinations in Q1 2023, 172 (88%) are domestic. The 172 involve 44 states. Naturally, California is by far the most served. Denver has an average of 110 daily flights there or around 1 in 8 of its total. United has more California services than any other carrier (45%), followed by Southwest (42%), Frontier (7%), Delta (3%), American (2%), and Spirit (1%). A breakdown of Denver’s top five states is as follows:

Denver to…

Q1 flights (average daily)

% of Denver’s total Q1 flights

Airports served in Q1


9,909 (110)




6,851 (76)




4,754 (53)




3,585 (40)




2,955 (33)



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  • Denver international conspiracy theories

    Denver International Airport

    IATA/ICAO Code:

    United States

    Phillip A. Washington

    Passenger Count :
    58,828,552 (2021)

    Runways :
    7/25 – 3,658m (12,000 ft) |8/26 – 3,658m (12,000 ft) |16L/34R – 3,658m (12,000 ft) |16R/34L – 4,877m (16,000 ft) |17L/35R – 3,658m (12,000 ft) |17R/35L – 3,658m (12,000 ft)


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