Emirates’ Christmas video has gone viral on Instagram.

Emirates Airlines Airbus A380
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Emirates has taken Instagram by storm this holiday season with its latest festive video. On Christmas Eve, the airline released a video of an Emirates Airbus A380 taking off. This standard procedure was given a unique holiday twist as the jumbo jet sported a Santa hat and was being pulled by eight reindeer. The airline made the video to wish all its current, former, and future passengers a Merry Christmas.

Holiday video

The video has received well over one million likes in the two days it has been online. This Christmas shoutout is a reflection on the airlines’ embracement of holidays. Emirates has historically made an effort to recognize all the major holidays celebrated by its passengers. While it is based in the United Arab Emirates, the airline services a network that spans across the globe, enabling it to carry passengers of varying nationalities, religions, and backgrounds.

The attempt to spread Christmas cheer has been well received, as the video has received over 12,000 comments. The video has spread Christmas cheer at a time when so many passengers have become stranded and stuck at airports around the world due to inclement weather. Specifically in the US, thousands of flights have been canceled and delayed due to massive winter storms causing many families to alter and postpone holiday traditions this year.

Previous holidays

Emirates has made special efforts to enhance customer experience during past holidays as a part of its efforts to offer the best air transit service in the world. A recent regional holiday that the airline recognized was US Thanksgiving. This past Thanksgiving, the airline provided a special menu to passengers traveling to and from the US between November 24th and 26th. The menu was offered to all passengers, with select premium options only being available to Business and first class passengers.

Emitrates Airbus A380 taking off

Photo: LAX

These passengers were offered a traditional exquisite holiday meal consisting of “traditional Thanksgiving roasted turkey, served with cranberry jus lié, mashed sweet potatoes, blanched broccolini, paprika potato wedges and honey-glazed pumpkin with crushed pecans.” Economy class passengers also had the opportunity to partake in the festive cuisine with a Thanksgiving meal consisting of roasted turkey and cranberry jus lié, green peas, mashed parsnip with carrots, and chestnut roulade. Various routes offered select holiday foods not available on other flights. It also offered Thanksgiving-themed cuisine at all US lounges between November 18th and 25th.

On the other side of the planet, the airline commemorated the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha a few months before the celebration of US Thanksgiving. The airline offered a unique holiday-themed menu on 60 routes connecting to the airline’s central Dubai hub. The festive menu was offered from July 9th to the 12th. The airline offered traditional celebratory meals commemorating the holiday and the airline’s Islamic roots. During this period, the airline offered many more streaming and in-flight entertainment options to its customers as a way to show its appreciation.

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Source: The Quint

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