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    Andrés Conesa Labastida


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to travel between Mexico City International Airport (MEX) and Lima International Airport (LIM) onboard Aeromexico’s flight AM48. I visited the Mexican carrier’s Salon Premier in Terminal 2 and flew inside an airline’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. This is the flight review of the whole experience, with its ups and downs.

Arriving at Mexico City Airport

Aeromexico mainly operates its flights from Terminal 2 at Mexico City Airport. It does have a few domestic services from Terminal 1, which can lead to inefficiencies for passengers because moving between the two terminals at MEX can be quite bothersome if you’re unfamiliar with the hub.

This is not the first flight review we have written about flying with Aeromexico. Recently, my colleague Lukas Souza flew on Clase Premier from São Paulo to Mexico City onboard Aeromexico’s flagship 787-9. Last year, I also had the opportunity to fly with the airline’s 787-9 in a non-stop service to Bogota.

The flight AM48 leaves daily from MEX to LIM at 23:55 from Terminal 2. I arrived three hours earlier, despite not having to check in luggage because I wanted to review the airline’s international Salon Premier, located on the second floor inside the airport. Aeromexico also has a domestic Salon Premier in MEX’s Terminal 2.

Aeromexico’s Salon Premier – is it worth it?

The Salon Premier is nothing too fancy, but it does the trick. It is also not particularly well-illuminated at night and currently does not serve hot meals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because Mexico has recently removed all face mask restrictions inside airports and aircraft, we should expect Aeromexico to resume hot meals sometime in the future. Aeromexico has Salon Premier in several airports throughout Mexico, such as MEX and Guadalajara, Torreón, Chihuahua, and Monterrey.

By the time of my arrival, the first floor of the Salon Premier was almost full, with only a few seats at the bar. But, and this is a tip for people looking to avoid a crowd, I found the second floor of the Salon Premier to be almost empty. I was able to choose the seat that best suited me, with close access to a power outlet, and stayed there for a couple of hours.

Aeromexico’s Salon Premier may have had better days in the past, but I expect the quality of service to increase in the near future. The last few years have been chaotic for Aeromexico and the Mexican airline industry. First, Aeromexico sold an equity participation in Club Premier to Aimia, a Canadian company, in 2012, and both companies divided the ownership for several years. Earlier this year, Aeromexico announced its intention to repurchase the 48.5% ownership from Aimia and be in complete control of the loyalty program.

Second, the current government canceled the construction of Mexico City’s New International Airport. Why is that important? That airport was supposed to substitute MEX, and Aeromexico would have moved all its infrastructure to the new hub, including the Salon Premier.

A couple of years after Mexico canceled the construction of the new airport, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the aviation industry. Aeromexico had to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process which led to the economic and operational optimization of the company. I believe the best is yet to come.

Inside an Aeromexico Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

The flight to Lima – nice service onboard

I flew to Lima onboard Aeromexico’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 registration XA-MAY. This plane was delivered to the airline in June 2021 and has the capacity to carry 166 passengers (132 in economy, 18 in AM Plus, and 16 in Clase Premier). I flew in economy, in seat 25A.

A view of the pitch on Aeromexico's Boeing 737 MAX 8 Economy cabin.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

Overall, the in-flight service was pretty good. The crew had to deal with a medical emergency onboard when a female passenger seemingly had low blood pressure. The crew requested a doctor onboard and brought an oxygen tank to the patient. Everything was resolved without the crew having to divert. Kudos to Aeromexico for taking well care of this passenger.

Around one hour and a half after taking off, the crew began the onboard service. They offered chicken or pasta; I chose the latter. The pasta was really tasty, and I liked it a lot. In the last few years, I have been onboard several Aeromexico long-haul flights, and their food has always been outstanding in taste, both pre- and post-COVID-19 crisis.

A dinner consisting of pasta with tomato and black olives, a bowl of salad, a bread, and a dessert served by Aeromexico.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

The flight arrived at Lima at around 05:30, perfectly on time. Overall, the service by Aeromexico was flawless. I can’t say the same about our arrival in Lima.

The arrival in Lima

Lima International Airport is currently administrated by Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which is currently building a new Terminal, Air Traffic Control Tower, and runway. LAP is also performing maintenance works on its runway between 02:00 and 05:00, which may be leading to some chaos early in the morning.

Our flight arrived at the same time as several other international services, which led to an overcrowding of the customs area. Despite my flight landing at 05:30, I left Lima Airport past 08:30, three hours later, and it all was because of the long queues at customs. During this whole time, the airport’s WiFi was inactive.

A view of Aeromexico's Club Premier in Mexico City Airport.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

What about the use of facemasks?

Both Mexico and Peru recently removed all restrictions regarding the use of face masks inside closed spaces. While all of Aeromexico’s crew still used their face covers, around 80% of the passengers (the flight had a load factor of about 90%, give or take) chose not to use theirs. The same happened at the airport. Most passengers were no longer using their face masks.

The flight back home

I flew back to Mexico City on Thursday, October 20. This time the experience at the airport was faster. The flight left on time, and the service onboard was, once again, flawless. Aeromexico served hot cakes and omelets for breakfast. I chose the first, and it was really good.

A breakfast consisting of three hot cakes and a bowl of fruit, served by Aeromexico.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

The landing at Mexico City Airport was quick, and there were no delays. I went from the plane to the street (passing through Mexican customs, which sometimes is also a nightmare) in about ten minutes. Overall, flawless.

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A view of an Aeromexico Boeing 737 aircraft in Mexico City.

Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno | Simple Flying.

What do you think about Aeromexico? Have you been onboard a flight operated by this airline? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

Source: simpleflying.com

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