Frontier Airlines has announced that beginning in Spring 2023, passengers will be able to purchase an unlimited flight pass. The pass will be known as Frontiers “GoWild” pass. Frontier has yet to release many details concerning the new offering. No price has been listed for the pass, nor has any specific launch date. The airline hopes this unique offering will help fill many of its unfilled seats.

Unlimited flights

The “All-You-Can-Fly” pass allows passengers to hop on any Frontier flight to any destination. The airline reassures that the flight privileges are genuinely unlimited. They will last 12 months; after the 12 months, the passenger will need to renew their pass to retain benefits. The airline advertises the offering as being ideally suited for an adventurous soul who is flexible with scheduling. Flights can be booked with little notice allowing for spontaneous trips.

Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 landing San Diego Airport

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Frontier has stated that the offering will help it fill unfilled seats. Any unfilled seat represents a potential revenue loss for an airline, especially a budget airline like Frontier. It hopes that the GoWild pass will help solve this problem as it will encourage flexible travelers to fly more and fill these seats. It cited that in 2021 the airline saw over 5,000 seats go unfilled. This translates to thousands of dollars of potential revenue.

The offering is an attempt to increase efficiency. While it may only appeal to the adventurous and flexible, it will likely assist Frontier in optimizing its services by ensuring that fewer seats go unfilled. The airline will also only offer a limited number of passes.

Potential drawbacks

Despite the many perks that come with the unlimited flight pass, there are a few drawbacks. Flights must be booked before the departure date but will only be confirmed the day before departure. Meaning that it is difficult to rely on flight schedules as you may be booted if all seats are booked by other passengers. This level of uncertainty ties into the need to be flexible.

Frontier Airlines Airbus on taxiway

Photo: Denver International Airport

This offering will only appeal to a select group of travelers. Anyone looking to travel somewhere specific would likely do better to book a traditional ticket instead of gambling with the unlimited pass. However, this pass is ideal for passengers who are looking for an experience and do not care particularly where they visit. The pass can only be used most of the year. The airline has 60 blackout dates when the pass may not be used. These primarily revolve around the busy holiday season, when the industry sees its highest number of travelers per day.

Another potential drawback that was pointed out by One Mile At A Time was that being a low-cost carrier, Frontier charges additional fees for everything. Even with an unlimited pass, many passengers who wish to bring any luggage besides a backpack will end up paying a fee on every flight. Any passenger looking to truly take full advantage of the GoWild pass must be flexible, patient, optimistic, and willing to travel light. However, it’s value can only be assessed once the price is made public.

What do you think of this unlimited flight pass? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: One Mile At A Time


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