GPMS and Truth Data Insights are teaming up to pair their respective advanced HUMS + Flight Data Management (FDM) solution and specialized FDM analysis and flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) to provide customers with the data acquisition, analytics, and services needed to improve maintenance and safety programs.

Truth Data provides specialized FDM analysis and FOQA services that are customizable based on aircraft type, mission, or other user-defined parameters. By combining these services with the aircraft monitoring of GPMS’s Foresight MX, customers will have access to a greater range of more detailed information.

“The market is asking what they should integrate onboard to acquire the data they need to improve operations and safety,” said Tom Nied, Truth Data Insights’ director of operations. “Foresight MX provides customers with a two-in-one solution, acquiring both machine data needed for HUMS and flight data needed to track exceedances and analyze pilot behavior. Truth Data offers FOQA services on top of this stack, to complete the solution for operators wanting to optimize both maintenance and safety.”

More helicopter operators, including air medical transport programs, are incorporating sophisticated monitoring technology into their operations, said Todd Powers, GPMS v-p of sales. “GPMS’s Foresight MX delivers a great package of advanced HUMS and detailed FDM information,” he said. “However, to incorporate this flight data into a FOQA program or to fully use it within a training program requires expertise some customers don’t have in-house,” and the need for that prompted the alliance with Truth Data. 


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