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As the only aviation museum at a major airport, the Flight Path Museum is truly one of a kind. The museum hosts an impressive collection of airline artifacts, including but not limited to a display of over 600 airline uniforms from 68 airlines worldwide, and walks visitors through the history of Los Angeles International Airport.

However, the museum is also famous for its flight simulator classes, offered to high school and college students. With the first intake of the year scheduled for October 15th, the Flight Path Museum announced the relaunch of the Flight Path Flyers program, an introduction to flight training taught by commercial airline pilots that allow youth to explore the first steps in a potential aviation career.

What is the Flight Path Flyers program?

Since a museum’s primary objective is to educate, the Flight Path Flyers flight simulator training program is at the heart of Flight Path’s educational mission as it encourages students to pursue further education and careers within the aviation industry.

Although the program does not include actual flying lessons, simulated aircraft piloting experience and related instructions from actual pilots are included. According to the museum, several graduates from the program have gone on to further such education, make their solo flights, and earn their licenses with flying academies.

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Old flight simulator at Flight Path Museum

According to the Flight Path Museum, more than 300 youths and adults have benefited from the program. Photo:  Eddie Maloney via Wikimedia Commons

The Flight Path Flyers program also aims to promote aviation careers for groups under-represented in the aviation industry, which is why the Flight Path Museum strongly encourages girls and youth from minority communities to apply. Agnes Huff, the President of the museum, emphasized:

“All high school and undergraduate college students are more than welcome to apply. We especially encourage applications from young women, and members of minority groups who are currently underrepresented in professional aviation careers.”

What can students expect?

When one thinks of flight simulations, computers are involved. Fortunately for the Flight Path Museum, the help of several generous benefactors has made it possible to purchase new computer systems adapted explicitly for flight training, which also made the relaunch of the Flight Path Flyers possible.

Classes offered for the Flight Path Flyers Program

These will be the initial classes students will take under the Flight Path Flyers program. Photo: Flight Path Museum

For this year, enrolled students will be taught by Karen Goodman, who flies the Boeing 747s with Atlas Air as a First Officer. Goodman boasts plenty of experience under her working belt, having been with Atlas Air for nearly four years, having previously served in the US Navy, and working for other airlines.

With that many years of expertise, she has become a well-demonstrated and experienced pilot, honing some expert skills such as instrument rating, general aviation, and avionics, making her the ideal teacher to inspire and educate the enrolled students. Goodman will also be joined by Jean-Christophe Dick, an aviation expert in airport planning and a private pilot with more than 15 years of experience.

Additional Classes Under the Flight Path Flyers Program

Students can opt to take on these additional classes under the program. Photo: Flight Path Museum

How can students enroll?

The cost for the entire program is $120, which covers a total of nine classes held every Saturday morning and lasting for about three hours. The fee will be waived for candidates with financial hardships, and the application will require an explanation. Interested students can apply via the museum’s website, and applications are due by October 6th. Although the current intake only accepts children between 13 and 18 and undergraduate college students, the Flight Path Museum assures that more courses for more ages will be offered next year.

Source: PRWeb

Source: simpleflying.com

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