As sustainable flying becomes an increasingly pressing concern, private jet companies are doubling down on eco-friendliness

It is no secret that private jet travel has raised concerns regarding its environmental impact. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration in all aspects of life, private jet operators and travelers are seeking out ways to make journeys more environmentally friendly. Apart from opting to operate more fuel-efficient jets – that are beneficial not just for the environment, but also in terms of costs – there are several other ways to make private jet travel more sustainable.

Sustainable fuel options

One of the most impactful ways to make air travel more sustainable is through sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which has been making waves in the commercial aviation landscape in recent years. In the realm of private aviation, SAF is also gaining momentum.

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SAF is a renewable alternative to traditional jet fuel, derived from sustainable feedstock. By choosing SAF, private jet travelers can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.

While we often hear about many of the world’s largest airlines – including KLM, Emirates, and Delta Air Lines – pledging to employ SAF, smaller operators of private jets, like SaxonAir, are also investing in this environmentally friendlier fuel option. And it won’t be long before other private charter operators follow suit.

Environmental initiatives and carbon offsetting

A growing number of organizations in the private aviation sector are committing to sustainability and working towards reducing their carbon footprint. By choosing to partner with these entities, private jet travelers contribute to ongoing efforts that make private jet travel more sustainable.

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One such effective strategy is by offsetting carbon emissions. Several organizations offer carbon offset programs that allow individuals to invest in projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. PrivateFly, for one, ensures that each of its private jet flights is 300% carbon offset by funding forestry and renewable energy projects.

Efficient flight planning

Efficient flight planning plays a vital role in reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Private jet operators can prioritize direct routing and optimal altitude selection, minimizing the distance traveled and maximizing fuel efficiency.

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In September 2020, private aviation company VistaJet unveiled its new partnership with SAF prover SkyNRG, which aims to diminish carbon emissions by as much as 85%. This partnership introduced a novel flight management system, which maximizes fuel efficiency through route, altitude, and speed optimization.

Additionally, a revised booking strategy was proposed to minimize unnecessary flight repositioning and fuel consumption. In just eight months since the initiative’s launch, an impressive 80% of VistaJet members voluntarily chose to offset their fuel emissions.

Private jet travel can coexist with sustainability through conscious choices and responsible actions. By adopting sustainable practices and supporting initiatives that prioritize eco-consciousness, private jet travelers can contribute to a greener future while enjoying the privileges of private aviation.

Sources: PrivateFly, Luxuo


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