Everyone likes to have a good resume, but for cabin crew and flight attendants it is essential. There are so many stages in the application process, that need to be passed, so it is important to have a resume that ticks all the boxes. Here are some ways in which a resume can become ‘cabin crew perfect’ and increase the chances of being seen by the airline’s recruitment team.


Every cabin crew application, requires at least 2 photos of the candidate. This is usually, one full length photo and one head and shoulders photo. These must look professional (no selfies) and show the candidate in business attire. They must also show good grooming and presentation with hair and make up (if required) to airline standards. The photos should also meet the requirements of the airline during the application process, so it is important to read through the application thoroughly.

Flight attendant Delta Air Lines

Image and presentation are very important to the airlines, so it is crucial to make a good impression right from the start of the application. Photo: Delta Air Lines


An objective is a good way of telling the recruiter why you want to be cabin crew and why you think you are suited to the job. Just a few lines detailing this, could be a make or break as to whether the application goes through the first stage. The application tracking system, will weed out many of the applications from the start, if the requirements are not met and key words are not there, so it is best to try and include them in the objective. Use the objective to sell yourself as the perfect cabin crew for their airline.

Tailor the resume

Make sure that the resume is tailored to the cabin crew role, so that the applicant tracking system will keep it in the loop and may actually get seen by a real person. Use your skills and experience to match some aspects of the cabin crew role. This will highlight your potential as cabin crew. For example, mention things like shift work, good customer service, working under pressure, teamwork and flexibility. If you have skills useful to the cabin crew role such as first aid training or foreign languages, make sure they are clearly seen. The resume should be fairly short and with bullet points to summarize details such as duties at work. In general, airline recruiters will literally take only 30 seconds to scan a candidates resume, so you want the important information to stand out.

Cebu Pacific flight attendants

Tailoring a resume for a cabin crew role can be daunting but will increase the chances of success. Photo: Cebu Pacific

Visual resumes and fonts

Visual resumes with lots of color, background, graphics and fonts can look fantastic for careers in many industries. In the airline industry, things are quite set and there are many guidelines and processes, so sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. A color photo is fine but fonts should not be colored or too fancy.

Get noticed

It is also a good idea to have a small professional photo printed on your resume near the heading. Sounds very simple, but it is effective in terms of keeping all your paperwork together and is less likely to get lost by a recruiter. Also, at an assessment day, you are instantly identifiable by the resume, especially during group tasks and testing, which can avoid any confusion.

Source: simpleflying.com

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