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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that it will begin a three-month trial of a CO2 emissions calculator to measure the CO2 output of cargo freighters. IATA will work closely with Etihad Airways on the project. The emissions calculator will help provide more accurate data on carbon emissions to help the aviation industry reach its goal of carbon neutrality.

Carbon calculations

The trial of this carbon calculator will act as a proof of concept for the cargo sector. It has already proven to be a valuable asset in the passenger industry. The calculation tool is part of the association’s CO2 Connect program. Through this program, IATA has been providing accurate information regarding CO2 emissions for passenger aircraft since June. It has calculated the emission production of 57 aircraft types. These 57 types represent over 98% of all airliners in the industry.

Etihad Cargo Boeing 777F

The IATA will now measure cargo emissions. Photo: Getty Images

It has managed to make these predictions using the fuel burn of each aircraft coupled with specific stats from airlines around the globe, and is now considered the world’s most accurate carbon emissions calculator. Having proved itself in the remote predictable passenger industry, the association has set its sights on cargo.

Cargo complexity

Passenger airlines operate scheduled routes that are routine, making them predictable. Cargo airlines also fly many scheduled routes; however, the industry is notorious for altering schedules to fit demand. Many operate solely based on demand and do not run routine flight schedules. This makes data collection far more difficult for cargo airlines. A large portion of air freight is also transported in the bellies of passenger planes, adding even more complexity to the equation.

Etihad Boeing 777F

Cargo operations are swayed heavily by demand making them more difficult to collect data on. Photo: Boeing

To correctly calculate emissions, the IATA will need to make an extra effort to ensure all variables are accounted for when calculating each airline’s emission production. To do so, Etihad will manage data collection for the trial.

Net-zero aspirations

The global airline industry has concluded that it will reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This emission calculator may prove vital to that goal. Without proper emissions calculations, it would be difficult to tell the exact amount of emissions produced. It would be even harder to determine at what point carbon neutrality has been reached, so the CO2 Connect program aims to give airlines access to this data. IATA plans to launch the program for cargo airlines worldwide by mid-2023.

The Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Cargo at Etihad Aviation Group, Martin Drew, shared the company’s excitement for this latest development in emissions reduction. Drew stated,

“With a strong commitment to innovation, Etihad Cargo actively seeks out and facilitates the development, trials and launch of promising solutions for its customers and partners. The airline’s development with IATA demonstrates the ability and willingness to co create solutions to support Etihad Cargo’s journey to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and demonstrates the carrier’s agility in adopting state-of-the-art technology and digital solutions. IATA’s CO2 Connect carbon calculator will be an effective tool in making the transportation of cargo more sustainable and will benefit not only Etihad Cargo’s customers but also the wider air cargo sector in the future”

The IATA’s Senior Vice President for Commercial Products & Services, Frederic Leger, said,

“Aviation will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. And our customers—travelers and shippers—need accurate information on the emissions related to their activities to manage their own commitments and reporting obligations. For all these purposes, accurate data is critical. IATA CO2 Connect already provides this for passenger operations. This trial with Etihad will help us in bringing an industry-leading carbon calculator for cargo in the coming months,”

What do you think of this emission calculator? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: simpleflying.com

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