The incident took place on a Guwahati-Delhi flight.

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A flight attendant’s job certainly has its own challenges. From working at odd hours to dealing with tricky passengers, cabin crew often go out of their way to make the flight as comfortable for passengers as possible. A recent incident handled by the flight attendants of IndiGo is winning praise from the passengers of the flight for how they dealt with an unpleasant situation professionally.

Drunk passenger creates an unpleasant situation

IndiGo flight 6E762 is a daily scheduled passenger service between Guwahati in Northeast India to New Delhi. On March 26th, the aircraft departed two minutes before time at 18:08 for what was expected to be a routine two-and-a-half-hour flight to the country’s capital city. But a drunk passenger’s behavior mid-flight made things rather unpleasant for everyone inside the plane.

Reports are emerging that an intoxicated passenger on the flight vomited on the aisle and allegedly defecated around the toilet. One of the passengers took to social media and posted about the incident, praising the efforts of IndiGo’s flight attendants in handling the situation and also dealing with the unpleasant task of cleaning up the mess.

Indeed, a photo posted by a passenger shows a cabin crew member covering the mess with tissue papers and using what looks like a disinfectant. It is not yet known whether IndiGo took any action against the passenger in question, but the cabin crew’s swift handling of the situation has earned them praise online.

Disturbing trend

Rude passenger behavior on flights is not new. Flight attendants are trained to deal with difficult situations as part of their job profile. But the frequency of such incidents, particularly in Indian airlines or flights bound for India, is a disturbing trend.

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The year began with the news of a business class passenger urinating on a fellow traveler on a New York-Delhi Air India flight last year. The intense media coverage and criticism of how the situation was handled forced Air India to revise its alcohol-serving policy on international flights.

In January, a group of passengers were recorded brawling on a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata, escalating to a full-blown physical fight, with some men hitting a lone passenger. Following the incident, Indian authorities were considering putting them on a no-fly list.

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Then there have been recent incidents on Indian carriers involving passengers sneaking inside the lavatories and smoking, despite clear warnings that this is a punishable offense. Air India, SpiceJet, and IndiGo have all had to face passengers this year who couldn’t control their cravings for a cigarette even on a short domestic flight and ended up being handed over to the police.

Thankfully, for every such flight, adequately trained cabin crew members defused the situation.

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