The agreement between the two airlines will enhance the cooperation between each carrier.

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Kuwait Airways and Malaysia Airlines have announced a bilateral interline agreement that allows passengers to book flights through each airline with less hassle than booking separately. This agreement will allow each airline to expand its reach into different sectors of the world.

The interline agreement

The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Airways, Maen Razouqi, and the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines, Izham Ismail. Razouqi spoke at the signing, saying,

“Kuwait Airways is pleased to sign the bilateral interline agreement with Malaysia Airlines. This agreement is the first partnership which will further facilitate a strategic cooperation with Malaysia Airlines, across multiple areas and in all fields of the aviation sector.”

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The CEO of Malaysia Airlines, Ismail, agreed, saying,

“We are pleased to enter a new chapter in the long-standing relationship between Kuwait Airways and Malaysia Airlines, which is expected to add value to our customers and offer them various options, greater efficiency, and a more comprehensive network.”

Each airline extends its reach

The interline agreement between the two airlines will bring expansion to both airlines’ global presence. Malaysia Airlines will expand its network further and allow its passengers to fly into the Middle East much easier, specifically into Kuwait Airways’ hub at Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City. In addition to flying into Kuwait, passengers in the Asia-Pacific area can now fly to Saudia Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates through Kuwait City.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330

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Kuwait Airways will expand its reach into the Asia-Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries hold frequent destinations for existing Malaysia Airlines flights, specifically to cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore.

Razouqi spoke about the expansion into the Asia-Pacific area, stating,

“This agreement will support the operation of Kuwait Airways and Malaysia Airlines to points beyond on Kuwait Airways’ network in the Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf Cooperation Council countries.”

Kuwait Airways continues its expansion into the east

Kuwait Airways signs this interline agreement that lines up with its current plans to expand farther east. Along with agreeing to work with Malaysia Airlines, Kuwait Airways has taken another step to the east and has announced it is opening a sales office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Airbus a330-800 Kuwait Airways

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After announcing Kuala Lumpur as a new destination in October 2022, the route has become very popular among passengers. Razouqi mentioned this, stating,

​​​​​​​”Kuala Lumpur is one of Kuwait Airway’s most important destinations. Since its launch in October 2022 with two flights per week, there has been a growing demand from our valued passengers to travel to this destination.”

Along with the airline’s expansion to the east, Kuwait Airways has continued its global reach. Earlier this year, the airline announced 20 new destinations located around the world. Some of these destinations include Budapest, Vienna, Athens, and Sheikh among others.

In addition to Kuwait Airways announcing new flight routes, the airline has also upgraded its business class and has revealed new uniforms. The airline recently announced a new premium economy cabin, specifically offered in its Airbus A330-800s.

Malaysia Airlines continues expanding

Along with Kuwait Airways, Malaysia Airlines has also been expanding its routes and increasing its destinations. Malaysia Airlines is looking to keep expanding into the Middle East in addition to this agreement with Kuwait Airways.

Late last year, Malaysia Airlines signed a codeshare agreement with SAUDIA. This contract began December 15, 2022, and allows for Malaysia Airlines flight code to be added to several SAUDIA’s flights. These flights typically depart from Kuala Lumpur and fly to Jeddah and Riyadh, as well as flights between these cities and to Madinah and Cairo. This codeshare allows passengers from the Asia-Pacific and Australian regions to easily travel to the Middle East, specifically the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and into Egypt.


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