Welcome to what is now the 80th iteration of Simple Flying’s ‘Sunday Reads’ weekly digest! Let’s take a look back at the top stories from a week that included the celebration of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller.

JetBlue Will Reveal Its Next European Destination “Very Soon”

JetBlue has confirmed that its next European city will be announced “very soon,” joining London. This hint came from Eric Friedman, JetBlue’s Director of Route Planning, at Routes World Las Vegas. He didn’t provide any further information about it, but it is possible to narrow down the possibilities. You can find out more here.

Austrian Airlines CEO On Getting The Basics Right

Austrian Airlines turned 65 years old on September 30th this year. On March 1st, the flag carrier gained its first female CEO: Annette Mann. Simple Flying was fortunate enough to sit down with the Austrian CEO during the recent World Aviation Festival, to talk about the importance of trust in industry partnerships and systems, SAF blending mandates, and the trends in premium leisure travel.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Spain Drops Testing Requirements For Non-EU Travelers

The time of health forms and COVID-19 tests required by airlines before boarding a flight is slightly coming to an end. This week, Spain joined the other European countries in dropping all entry requirements for air travelers, irrespective of their country of origin. You can find out more about this development here.

Iberia Airbus A350

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

When Air Traffic Control Turns Light-Hearted: Some Of Our Favorite Conversations

This week saw a special day for the aviation industry, with October 20th representing the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller. According to National Day Calendar, the day serves to celebrate those who work in the profession, as well as allow others to learn more about the role. While the job is very serious, it can, like any profession, also have its more light-hearted moments.

Air Traffic Control Tower

Photo: Getty Images

Indian State Loses Air Connectivity As SpiceJet Pulls Out Of Its Only Airport

Low-cost carrier SpiceJet will suspend operations from Pakyong Airport in the North East Indian state of Sikkim in a few days. This means that passengers wanting to fly to the region will now have to take more than five hours of journey by road from the nearest operational airport in a neighboring state. You can find out more here.

SpiceJet Dash 8

Photo: Getty Images

Rolls-Royce Partners With Alder Fuels To Test Greencrude SAF

Rolls-Royce continues on its drive to further the decarbonization of aviation. On Wednesday, the company announced it had signed an agreement to test sustainable aviation fuel from Alder Fuels using the Rolls-Royce Pearl engine.

Rolls-Royce Pearl engine

Photo: Rolls-Royce

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