The airline will begin twice-a-day service at the end of March.

TAAG Angola Boeing 777
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TAAG Angola Airlines will soon begin offering two daily flights from Luanda to Lisbon, increasing the route to 14 times a week from seven times a week. The new route frequency will go into effect beginning on March 28th.

The Luanda and Lisbon route

TAAG Angola Airlines looked to recent market demand for this specific route. The Luanda to Lisbon route is one of the most frequented routes for the airline’s operations.

TAAG Angola Boeing 777

Photo: Boeing

Flying to Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, Portugal allows TAAG Angola Airlines to easily connect to several other European locations. Currently, TAAG Angola Airlines offers flights to Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Barcelona, among others. Many of these flights are typically routed through Lisbon, Portugal, which makes this route even more appealing to passengers flying with TAAG Angola Airlines.

The route from Lisbon to Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola allows European passengers to connect to African destinations from Europe. The airline uses the Luanda airport to redirect traffic to many TAAG Angola Airlines destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Luanda, Angola is also TAAG Angola Airlines’ main hub location, which allows for many other connecting flights for European passengers connecting from Lisbon, Portugal.

Boeing 777

Photo: TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines has committed to flying these routes with one of the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER. The capacity for this plane is 293 passengers, which shows the frequency of travel this route demands.

This route has historically been one of TAAG Angola Airlines’ most popular routes and has excelled recently in 2023. In January and February 2023, TAAG reportedly transported 39,306 passengers. This is more than double the number of passengers that traveled this same route in 2022. In January and February 2022, TAAG reportedly transported only 18,798 passengers.

Even though 2023 has been drastically more successful for flying the Lisbon and Luanda route, 2022 still showed promise of a successful route. In 2022, TAAG registered a 72.3% load factor on the Luanda to Lisbon route. These increases year-over-year pushed TAAG Angola Airlines to add more frequent flights to and from Lisbon, Portugal from Luanda, Angola.

TAAG Angola Airlines released a statement stating that the airline has committed to continually improving customer service, providing families and the corporate segment with greater connection availability covering destinations with higher demand.

TAAG Angola Airlines looks to expand its flight frequency

This announcement comes shortly after the airline announced the suspension of several routes. Until June 1st, 2023, TAAG Angola Airlines suspended three routes from its main hub in Luanda, Angola. The three destinations for these routes were Uige, Angola, Cuita, Angola, and Accra, Ghana. In November, TAAG Airlines announced it would be flying to Accra, Ghana, and Durban, South Africa.

TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 737 taxiing at airport

Photo: TAAG Angola Airlines

However, TAAG Angola Airlines also recently announced a new codeshare agreement with the Spanish flagship carrier, Iberia. This codeshare agreement allows TAAG to offer connections, through Iberia flights, to several additional destinations in Europe, all connecting through Madrid, Spain. Some of these destinations include Barcelona, Oporto, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Rome, and Milan. This service began in October of last year.


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