Flights are up 10% over the previous record. There are 54 routes with ten airlines.

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200
Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

The USA will have more Middle East flights next summer than any other summer. The latest OAG data reveals that there will be more than 11,300 departing flights, 10% more flights than the previous record, held in summer 2022, and 30% more than in summer 2019. Ten airlines will operate, broken down as follows based on information as at November 9th.

10/10 Kuwait Airways: 1.9% of Middle East-US flights

The Kuwait flag carrier will have the smallest offering next summer. It’ll have 217 departing flights, its joint-highest number and the greatest amount since summer 2018:

  1. Kuwait-JFK: 1x daily 777-300ER

Click here for Kuwait-JFK flights.

Kuwait Airways 777-300ER

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

9/10 Delta: 3.6% of flights

Next is Delta. It has three Middle East routes, all to Tel Aviv, with 403 departures. It last had that many in summer 2015. Delta will start Atlanta-Tel Aviv, the SkyTeam airline’s first Middle East link from its busiest hub after Atlanta-Dubai ended in 2016.

  1. JFK-Tel Aviv: 1x daily A330neo
  2. Atlanta-Tel Aviv: 3x weekly A350-900 (begins March 26th)
  3. Boston-Tel Aviv: 3x weekly A330neo

Click here for Boston-Tel Aviv flights.

Delta Airbus A350s

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

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8/10 Royal Jordanian: 3.7% of flights

Royal Jordanian will have 424 US flights and three routes. Except for the peak summer period, when Amman-Detroit is 4x weekly, it is typically 2x weekly. Detroit was previously served both nonstop and via Montreal by Royal Jordanian, but it is now fully nonstop.

  1. Amman-Chicago O’Hare: 1x daily 787-8
  2. Amman-JFK: 4x weekly 787-8
  3. Amman-Detroit: up to 4x weekly 787-8

Click here for Amman-Detroit flights.

Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JY-BAA

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

7/10 Saudia: 4.6% of flights

Next is Saudia, with 526 US flights across five routes. At 8,332 miles (13,409km), Saudia’s Jeddah-Los Angeles will be the world’s 15th longest nonstop airport pair next summer. It has a block time to California of 16h 10m and 15h 20m back. It is one of five USA routes:

  1. Riyadh-JFK: 4x weekly 777-300ER
  2. Jeddah-Washington Dulles: 4x weekly 777-300ER
  3. Jeddah-JFK: 3x weekly 777-300ER
  4. Jeddah-Los Angeles: 3x weekly 777-300ER
  5. Riyadh-Washington Dulles: 3x weekly 777-300ER

Click here for Riyadh-Washington Dulles flights.

Saudia 777

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

6/10 American: 5.7% of flights

The second US airline on the list, American has 651 departures to the Middle East, up by 41% over the summer just gone. The carrier returned to the Middle East in 2021 after last serving it in 2016, a handover from US Airways. It inaugurated JFK-Doha in June 2022, supplementing fellow oneworld Qatar Airways as part of their deepening relationship. It joined Miami-Tel Aviv, inaugurated 12 months earlier.

  1. JFK-Doha: 1x daily 777-300ER
  2. JFK-Tel Aviv: 1x daily 777-200ER
  3. Miami-Tel Aviv: 1x daily 787-8

Click here for Miami-Tel Aviv flights.

American 777-300ER

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

5/10 Etihad: 6.8% of flights

Etihad is the smallest of the so-called Middle East Big Three carriers to the US, although whether it qualifies as one of the ‘group’ nowadays is questionable. It will have 775 US flights next summer, but 80% less than it had in summer 2017/2018.

  1. Abu Dhabi-JFK: 11x weekly A350-1000 (1x daily), 787-9 (4x weekly)
  2. Abu Dhabi-Chicago O’Hare: 1x daily A350-1000
  3. Abu Dhabi-Washington Dulles: 1x daily 787-9

Click here for Abu Dhabi-Washington Dulles flights.

Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Livery)Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLV (2)

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

4/10 United: 10.0% of flights

The US carrier with the most Middle East services, United will have six routes next summer with 1,141 Middle East flights. That’s 29% more than its previous high in summer 2022, and 66% more than in 2019. It’ll begin Newark-Dubai in March, part of its new agreement with Emirates. It will join Dulles-Amman, which started in May.

  1. Newark-Tel Aviv: up to 2x daily 787-10
  2. Newark-Dubai: 1x daily 777-200ER (starts March 25)
  3. San Francisco-Tel Aviv: 1x daily 777-200ER
  4. Washington Dulles-Amman: 3x weekly 787-8
  5. Chicago O’Hare-Tel Aviv: 3x weekly 787-8
  6. Washington Dulles-Tel Aviv: 3x weekly 787-8

Click here for Newark-Dubai flights.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

3/10 El Al: 10.7% of flights

El Al has 1,213 US departing flights next summer, or about one in every ten, its highest number to date. This makes it the third-largest Middle East-US carrier. And El Al has 40% of all Tel Aviv-US services.

  1. Tel Aviv-Boston: up to 3x weekly 787-8
  2. Tel Aviv-JFK: up to 16x weekly (up to 3x daily) 787-9
  3. Tel Aviv-Los Angeles: up to 6x weekly 787-8, 787-9
  4. Tel Aviv-Miami: up to 5x weekly 787-9
  5. Tel Aviv-Newark: up to 11x weekly (up to 2x daily)

Click here for Tel Aviv-Los Angeles flights.

El Al B787-9

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

2/10 Emirates: 22.4% of flights

Emirates has 2,542 US flights, making it the second-largest by this measure. However, it ranks first by the number of routes, although second to the leading carrier if only nonstops are considered.

  1. Dubai-JFK: 3x daily (2x daily nonstop A380; see below for the one-stop )
  2. Dubai-Athens-Newark: 1x daily 777-300ER
  3. Dubai-Boston: 1x daily 777-300ER
  4. Dubai-Chicago O’Hare: 1x daily 777-300ER
  5. Dubai-Dallas Fort Worth: 1x daily 777-200LR
  6. Dubai-Houston: 1x daily A380
  7. Dubai-Los Angeles: 1x daily A380
  8. Dubai-Miami: 1x daily 777-300ER
  9. Dubai-Milan Malpensa-JFK: 1x daily A380
  10. Dubai-San Francisco: 1x daily A380
  11. Dubai-Seattle: 1x daily 777-300ER
  12. Dubai-Washington Dulles: 1x daily A380
  13. Dubai-Orlando: 5x weekly 777-300ER

Click here for Dubai-JFK flights.

Emirates Airbus A380 in flight

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

1/10 Qatar Airways: 30.3% of flights

In first place with 3,455 US flights is Qatar Airways. Three in every ten nonstop and one-stop Middle East-US flights are by the carrier. Thanks to new routes and increased frequencies, flights have risen by 3% over summer 2022 and 53% versus 2019.

  1. Doha-JFK: 2x daily 777-300ER
  2. Doha-Dallas Fort Worth: 2x daily 777-300ER (1x), 777-200LR (1x)
  3. Doha-Los Angeles: 2x daily A350-1000
  4. Doha-Washington Dulles: up to 2x daily 777-300ER (1x), 777-200LR (5x weekly to 1x daily)
  5. Doha-Atlanta: 1x daily 777-300ER
  6. Doha-Boston: 1x daily A350-900
  7. Doha-Chicago O’Hare: 1x daily 777-300ER
  8. Doha-Houston: 1x daily A350-1000
  9. Doha-Miami: 1x daily A350-900
  10. Doha-Philadelphia: 1x daily 777-300ER
  11. Doha-San Francisco: 1x daily A350-1000
  12. Doha-Seattle: 1x daily 777-300ER

Click here for Doha-Chicago flights.

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