If you’re not attending a fly-in at the Triple Tree Aerodrome, you will need to choose another airport for your trip to the area, since SC00 reverts to a private field outside of the Triple Tree organization’s scheduled general aviation (GA) fly-in events. Also, pilots cannot fly in for radio control (RC)-only events at the Aerodrome. There are three more options for flying into the region around Greenville-Spartanburg, in addition to these two choices, which sit a bit closer to Triple Tree.

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Laurens County Airport (KLUX)

Laurens, South Carolina

Laurens County Airport (KLUX) is located 3 miles east of the city of Laurens. The nontowered airport has one runway, 8/26, measuring 4,051 feet by 75 feet. The airport has RNAV approaches with trees on both ends of the runway, so watch your altitude carefully.

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If you require fuel, 100LL is available 24 hours a day via a self-serve pump using a credit card.

According to Bud (that’s his only name, like Cher), the airport manager of 16 years, the facility is “the best little airport in South Carolina” and dog friendly, as there is a dog park within walking distance. A trail connects the park to the airport. And speaking of dogs, be sure to say hello to Annie the airport dog—she is a retired law-enforcement bloodhound. According to Bud, Annie is friendly no matter what species you are, and will be happy to greet you as you take advantage of one of the airport’s tiedown spaces.

Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport/Simpson Field (KSPA)

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport/Simpson Field is located 3 miles southwest of the city of Spartanburg. The airport sports a 5,852-foot-by-100-foot runway, aligned 5/23. Be mindful of the 102-foot tree located approximately 3,661 feet from the approach end of Runway 5, approximately 434 feet to the left of the extended centerline. The airport offers 100LL and jet-A fuel.

The airport has several flight schools on the field, and there are glider operations at the airport too, so expect to have some company in the pattern. The airport is the oldest one in South Carolina—in 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed there because, at the time, it was the only airport in the state.

This article was first published in the 2022 Southeast Adventure Guide of FLYING Magazine.

Source: flyingmag.com

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