ARC Aero Systems has just announced a nine-seat VTOL aircraft.

ARC Aero Systems Linx P9
Photo: ARC Aero Systems

UK-based startup ARC Aero Systems recently announced that it would add a nine-seat VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft to its fleet. The manufacturing company believes that this new aircraft will revolutionize inner-city travel. It believes that the new aircraft will also revolutionize the VTOL market as it has stated that this new aircraft is more advanced in terms of efficiency, cruising speed, and luxury than much of what is offered by its competition.

Competitive space

Throughout the past several years, eVTOL startup companies have begun popping up all across the aviation community. These companies are all working to take advantage of this relatively new technology which allows an aircraft to take off vertically like a helicopter, then rotate some or all of its propellers to give the aircraft forward propulsion. From there, they operate similarly to airplanes as air flows over the aircraft’s wings producing lift. These designs give the aircraft the increased speed of a plane while retaining many of the most significant traits of a helicopter.

ARC Aero Systems Linx P9

Photo: ARC Aero Systems

While the idea of VTOL aircraft has existed for many years, as has the technology, the market began to explode several years ago. Amid the widespread push for sustainable aviation, many small startups have managed to secure investments in product and technology development of VTOL aircraft. Specifically, these companies are striving to find ways to make these small aircraft more efficient, reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.

Each of these companies is doing something different from that of their competitors. Some companies focus on designing the fastest eVTOL aircraft, while others focus on creating the most efficient one. Most companies only have one thing that sets them apart from their competition. ARC, on the other hand, has multiple.

One of the most significant distinguishing differences is that it has created and tested two eVTOL aircraft designed for cargo transportation. Most eVTOL companies have developed products for carrying four or five passengers from one location to another. On top of the two proven aircraft, ARC believes its newest addition will help it pull far ahead of its competition.

Unique alternative

The LINX P9 aircraft is marketed as a far more efficient alternative to helicopters. While it is not a fully electric aircraft, it utilizes hybrid electric energy to operate its twin-turboprop propulsion systems. The manufacturer claims it is 40% more cost-effective than operating a traditional helicopter. The passenger capacity of nine passengers makes the new aircraft the largest eVTOL offering on the market. The company also plans to make the new aircraft a luxurious experience for its passengers. It is being marketed as being similar to a private jet in terms of passenger comfort.

ARC Aero Systems Linx P9

Photo: ARC Aero Systems

The CEO of ARC, Seyed Mohseni, shared excitement concerning the new project. Mohseni believes that this new aircraft could revolutionize a large part of the air transit market over the next several decades stating,

“It’s a very exciting design concept that is the ultimate solution for the market, that is affordable, safe and practical, whilst providing the right answer to the current environmental concerns.”Development of an air vehicle requires dedication to understand clients’ needs in 5 to 50 years in the future, and define a road map of a timely certifiable technology to achieve solutions for those needs.”

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Source: aero-mag


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