United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG, Booth 2620) is celebrating 45 years of creating and distributing safety posters and other safety resources for the aviation industry. Founded in 1928 and is the nation’s first aviation insurance company, USAIG has been working with partner organizations to provide safety posters to the aviation community free of charge since 1977.

Starting in 2013, USAIG began printing the posters in quarterly print issues of AIN, reaching 38,000 subscribers in 155 countries. In 2016, USAIG started producing the safety posters as screensavers and desktop wallpaper formats.

Over the years, USAIG’s safety posters have covered a variety of topics, ranging from runway hazards to safe handling of lithium-ion batteries, as well as the challenges faced by pilots and ground personnel. The posters help to maintain safety management system (SMS) standards across organizations “by keeping safety top of mind, thereby reinforcing an overall safety culture,” USAIG said.

In addition to its safety posters, USAIG promotes SMS compliance by publishing a quarterly newsletter called Premium on Safety, which explores issues such as flight department management, pilot experiences, and regulator updates.

The insurance provider also supports SMS processes through its Performance Vector safety initiative, which allows policyholders with turbine aircraft to select annually from a portfolio of training and safety-enhancing services. Since USAIG launched the Performance Vector initiative in 2011, it has continually updated the suite of program options to keep up with ever-evolving aviation safety protocols.

“Performance Vector aims to meet the operator where their safety program needs are and help them confidently align with leading safety criteria and industry best practices,” USAIG said in the statement.

Program options include training needs assessments, airplane upset and recovery training, crisis response services, and tools for fatigue and safety risk assessment and management services.

Source: ainonline.com

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