Uzbek transportation and logistics company My Freighter has acquired its first Boeing 747 freighter. My Freighter will become the first Uzbek company to operate the freighter variant of the 747. The aircraft’s long-range capabilities and high payload capacity will significantly enable the company to transport a large volume of cargo over very long distances. The freighter will become a vital resource as the company plans to build a new Silk Road through Uzbekistan, connecting trade between the traditional East and West.

Addition of a jumbo jet

The aircraft was delivered to My Freighter at Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport (TAS) on Sunday, October 23rd. The airplane had flown from Jakarta, Indonesia, where it was refurbished and thoroughly inspected for maintenance discrepancies. The newly acquired asset will help the airline build an air cargo network connecting China and Southeast Asia with Europe.

My Freighter Boeing 747 cargo aircraft

Photo: My Freighter

It is looking to take advantage of Tashkent’s unique geographical position. Being situated between East Asia and Europe, Tashkent is a prime location to open a transportation hub. The airline predicts that demand for air cargo between the two continents will continue to grow, enabling it to expand its services rapidly. The CEO of My Freighter, Abdulaziz Abdurakhmonov, shared,

“When we established My Freighter in 2019, we set a goal: to turn Uzbekistan into a center for international cargo transportation. We are working to create an ‘air freight Silk Road,’ taking advantage of Uzbekistan’s geographic position between China and Europe,”An analysis of the trends makes clear that Uzbekistan’s air freight market will grow exponentially over the next five years. This is due to the rise of e-commerce, recent shifts in global supply chains, and geopolitical developments impacting road and rail freight. Recent reforms led by President Shavkat Mirziyoev have created big opportunities for the strategic development of aviation industry. We are glad that our company’s achievements are among the results of such reforms. Uzbekistan has a unique potential to become a major air transport hub not only for Central Asia, but also for beyond,”

Growing demand

Air cargo is seeing an 8.1% growth rate this year. Last year the air cargo market reached $57.21 billion; this year, it is anticipated to reach $61.82 billion. The industry expects to see a 7.2% growth rate for the foreseeable future. By 2026 the market is expected to exceed $81 billion. My Freighter is looking to secure a large portion of this growing market. For the past decade, e-commerce has expanded exponentially. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it skyrocketed, leading to a massive demand for air cargo.

My Freighter Boeing 747 cargo aircraft

Photo: My Freighter

In this post-pandemic world, the demand has yet to falter. Since its conception in 2019, the airline has successfully flown 410 flights on its Boeing 767 freighter. It plans to purchase five more Boeing 747 freighters in the next few months. These acquisitions are a part of the airline’s plan to build a fleet of 20 freighter aircraft within the next five years. If demand for air cargo grows as predicted, the airline will undoubtedly have sufficient demand to fuel its planned growth.

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