While American actor John Travolta might be famous for his roles in box-office successes such as Carrie and Grease, Travolta is also well known for his wild passion for aviation, as shown through his admirable collection of aircraft. And it seems like the movie star is looking to add yet another, as he guides an exclusive tour onboard the Boeing Business Jet 737.

About the aircraft

Before diving into Travolta’s tour insights, here’s some context about the Boeing Business Jet 737. The aircraft is named YG128 and was built in 2010, with its stunning interiors completed by Jet Tech two years later. The aircraft is based on the Boeing 737-700NG model powered by CFM56-7B27 engines and features the Split Scimitar Winglets, seven auxiliary fuel tanks, built-in airstairs, and low cabin altitude.

Capacity-wise, YG128 can hold approximately 19 passengers comfortably and can fly for 13 hours non-stop. According to the aircraft manufacturer, the Boeing Business Jet YG128 will be available for lease in early 2024. With these fun facts in mind, the tour from Travolta can begin.

Boeing Business Jet 737-700NG

Photo: Boeing

Better than first class

Travolta did the tour of YG128 at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) 2022 event held between October 18th to 20th in Orlando, Florida. As the name suggests, the NBAA event is considered one of the most influential business aviation trade shows in the US, so there clearly wasn’t any shortage of unique corporate aircraft.

Despite the abundant choices displayed at the event, Travolta claims that YG128 caught his eye and remained his favorite as it was better than first class. He explained that even though YG128 Is based on the passenger version of the Boeing 737, the corporate aircraft looks nothing like the passenger version as the interior shines like a luxury apartment suite.

Travolta’s tour inside the private aircraft showcases the main compartment where the communal living space is. Featured in this sizeable open-plan area were leather reclining seats, sofas, a food-prep area, and various table tops for conferences, dining or resting. A large entertainment screen was also featured in the communal living area, and there was also a separate guest room.

The tour continued by giving a sneak preview into the aft alley of YG128, which features the master bedroom furnished with a queen-sized bed and a wall-mounted entertainment screen. The master bedroom was complemented by an adjoining bathroom complete with a walk-in shower and vanity area.

Boeing Business Jet 737-700NG

Photo: Boeing

Catering to the growing demand

The tour of YG128 from Travolta at the NBAA 2022 event was just the latest effort from the aircraft manufacturer to market the narrowbody version of the business aircraft. Although the Boeing Business Jet program had both narrow- and widebody aircraft, the program grew more successful over recent years with the bigger aircraft types, such as the 747, 777, and 787.

In fact, Boeing accounted for approximately 75% of all widebody business jets sold worldwide in the past 21 years. However, times have changed since the pandemic. Private and corporate users have been seeking smaller aircraft to suit their travel needs, which explains Boeing’s decision to lease out YG128 in early 2024.

It also presents the company’s recent attempts at offering the 737 MAX versions, which feature more cabin space and aircraft range than YG128. Since it was first showcased in 2014, Boeing has received steady numbers of firm orders for the MAX variants of the private aircraft. Within this year alone, the manufacturing company received four firm orders and will deliver two MAX 9 corporate aircraft later this month. The first Boeing Business Jet 737 MAX 8 has also recently entered active service.

Boeing Business Jet 737

Photo: Boeing

Not all MAX models might be offered

But what about the MAX 7 and the MAX 10? Unfortunately, for both these variants, certification becomes quite an issue as Boeing continues to work with the Federal Aviation Administration to re-certify the MAX 7 variant and has decided to entirely forego offering a MAX 10 version of the corporate aircraft since the aircraft variant is yet-to-be-certified.

The certification issue does prove a hindrance for Boeing. Still, the manufacturer is confident that the MAX 7 variant will complete certification and will soon enter service to meet the growing demand for corporate and private air travel. President of Boeing Business Jets, Erika Pearson, said:

“We’ve had a lot of continued interest in the MAX 7, and we will continue to work transparently with the Federal Aviation Administration for certification. We are still anticipating that the MAX 7 will enter into service in 2023, so we look forward to that.”

Despite the optimism, the December 22nd deadline for certification is fast approaching, and even with continued support from airlines and industry leaders for a deadline extension, the fate of the MAX 7 variant still hangs by the thinnest thread.

What do you think of the Boeing Business Jet 737 MAX? Let us know in the comments below.

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