Virgin Atlantic revamped its onboard meal service offerings this month by introducing a new winter menu built around seasonal comfort and destination-inspired dishes. In a statement on Monday, October 10th, the London-based airline announced the menu changes, which span its upper, premium, and economy classes as of October 5th.

New dishes across the board

Upper Class passengers can expect the greatest number of changes to their menu with the addition of four new main courses that incorporate international cuisine into their preexisting offerings. Such dishes include thyme and garlic roasted chicken, miso and sesame crusted salmon, lamb hotpot, and vegetable korma.

Virgin's freshly revamped menu includes an assortment of main courses, snacks, and drinks.

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Inspired by dishes from Europe, East Asia, and South Asia, these new offerings signal Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to providing an inclusive and comfortable travel experience for passengers from all backgrounds. In addition, the onboard snack selection has been upgraded to include two new offerings: a new deep-fried gourmet fish sandwich as well as a chicken Caesar club sandwich.

Upper class passengers craving a hot drink can sip cream tea which comes with fudge scones and new cream, spread, and jam options while those that prefer a cold option can enjoy chocolate chip ice cream or lemon sorbet.

virgin atlantic cream tea

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Premium economy additions

In the premium economy cabin, customers can savor one of three new main courses: chicken casserole, shepherd’s pie, and Thai green curry. Passengers looking to experience Virgin’s famous Mile High Tea will find new finger sandwiches, scones, and patisserie items such as lemon posset choux and walnut carrot cake.

Virgin mile high tea

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Customers can also expect to see some changes to the tea and breakfast menus with the addition of new Twinings tea blends and hot cooked breakfasts. Clearly, Virgin’s menu overhaul is not just limited to lunch and dinner entrees but also spans its snack and breakfast menus.

Finally, the economy class menu will also see some new entrées, including chicken tikka masala and macaroni & cheese, as well as a snack pantry for in-between meals.

virgin atlantic drinks on board

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

The new drinks menu features Cobra and Brooklyn Pilsner beer in Upper Class, as well as a non-alcoholic option from Lucky Saint. Also on the menu are bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, Diemersdal Pinotage, and Pinot Noir. It is worth noting that certain drinks are only available on select routes – a trend that has become increasingly common such as in the case of Cathay Pacific’s Betsy Beers, as airlines try to align their offerings with the destinations that they serve.

Virgin Atlantic’s menu overhaul is ultimately a welcome change and a clear indication of its commitment to serving its diverse customer base. It also emphasizes the trend of airlines trying to make air travel more comfortable by improving their value proposition. Whether it be through the addition of new brands of drinks to its beverage menu or an increased variety of cultural food offerings, Virgin is clearly positioning itself as a brand that prioritizes its customer experience.

As the popular saying goes, “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Virgin seems to have taken this message to heart, but only time will tell if this age-old rule still holds true at 38,000 feet.


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