Qatar Airways offers economy and business class on all aircraft, and first class only on the A380.

Photo: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East, with a total fleet size of almost 250 aircraft. It offers three different classes of travel, with its business class product, QSuite, being among the best in the market. Here’s a look at what the airline has to offer in each cabin.

Economy class on Qatar Airways

Like many airlines, Qatar Airways offers different seating products on its regional and long-haul flights. Economy class, though, is a similar offering on most of its aircraft. Meals and service will, of course, be better on long-haul flights.

The standard seat width in economy class varies between 17.5 inches and 18.5 inches (highest on the A380), and the standard seat pitch is 31 inches for all aircraft, per SeatGuru.

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Qatar Airways economy class on the Boeing 787.

If you want a bit of extra space, you will find fellow Middle Eastern airline Emirates offers more than this – at least 32 inches on its widebody aircraft. You will get about the same with European airlines – less in regional configurations. Unlike other airlines, Qatar Airways has seatback screens even on its Airbus narrowbodies.

Business class on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways excels in business class, with a good and consistent offering on long-haul flights. There are three main types of business class products, depending on the route and aircraft:

Regional business class is offered on Qatar’s narrowbody Airbus fleet for short and medium-haul flights, usually within the Middle East. This is arranged 2-2 (compared with 3-3 in economy class, with each seat offering a 45-inch pitch (compared to 31 inches in economy).

“Traditional” long-haul business class. This is offered on all Airbus and Boeing widebody aircraft that do not go further with the QSuite. Business class is offered in a 1-2-1 configuration with open seats, all with direct aisle access. The seat pitch/bed length is 80 inches.

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Qatar Airways business class

QSuite business class. In 2017, Qatar Airways launched an entirely new business class product. Known as QSuite, this is one of the best business class offerings in the sky today. Each seat offers aisle access, a fixed table, and – as the name “suite” suggests – a privacy door. The center suites can be opened up to make groups of two or four suites, perfect for families or business groups.

QSuite is currently offered on all of Qatar Airways A350-1000 aircraft, and select A350-900s, Boeing 777-200LRs, and 777-300ERs. Aircraft and routes offering it continue to grow, and you can check aircraft types when booking flights. The Boeing 787-9 offers a modified QSuite cabin, with fewer features to accommodate the narrower fuselage, but retains the privacy door.

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QSuites on the A350.

Simple Flying reporters have taken trips on the A350 in QSuite between San Francisco and Doha and between Los Angles and San Francisco. Take a look at their trip reports for lots more details.

First class on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways only offers first class on the Airbus A380 aircraft. When this stopped flying during the pandemic, it was not clear if the airline would ever offer it again. With the A380 back in service, first class is available again.

First class on the A380 offers eight private suites in a separate cabin at the front of the upper deck. Each suite has a width of 23 inches and a bed length of 83 inches.

Qatar Airways

Photo: M101Studio / Shutterstock

There is lots of discussion about the reduction of first class generally in the industry. As just one major example, American Airlines was the last US airline to offer a separate long-haul first class cabin, and it confirmed the withdrawal of this in late 2022. Several airlines have removed the cabin entirely in recent years, and others have reduced its availability. Qatar Airways looks set to keep the cabin but follow the reduction offering path after the end of its A380s.

Speaking to Simple Flying in 2021, CEO Akbar Al Baker explained that he saw a continued need for it, perhaps as a smaller cabin on select routes. With this in mind, the airline may include it on the upcoming Boeing 777X – although this is not confirmed yet. The airline has 40 of the larger 777-9 aircraft on order and would likely only install first class on some of these.

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Qatar Airways first class

Qatar Airways and premium economy class

Qatar Airways does not offer premium economy. The fourth cabin is increasingly popular, with many airlines in Europe, Asia, and the Americas introducing it on long-haul routes. In Asia, it is also popular on shorter routes, where full-service business class is not really necessary (although it may be offered as well).

The airline instead prefers to focus on offering a better economy cabin. Speaking to Simple Flying in 2021, Qatar Airway’s Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said:

“I’m not going for premium economy. Qatar Airways provides passage at reasonable prices to my passengers, giving them equal, or even higher comfort than the premium economy.”

Have you flown with Qatar Airways recently, or are you planning a trip? What do you think of its seat products and service offerings? Feel free to discuss and compare with other airlines in the comments.

Source: ch-aviation, SeatGuru

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