Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos was a Brazilian airline based in São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) that briefly operated in 2021. The carrier had big plans but performed poorly, ceasing operations in just six months. Throughout its history, Itapemirim had the objective to operate a fleet of 50+ Airbus A320-family-based aircraft, but only ever received six. What happened to these planes after the disappearance of the airline?

Itapemirim’s former fleet

The Brazilian carrier began flying on June 29, 2021 and ceased operations on December 18 of that same year. While active, Itapemirim operated flights from 13 Brazilian airports, including Guarulhos, Brasília, Belo Horizonte-Confins, Florianópolis, and Rio de Janeiro-Galeão.

Itapemirim received six leased Airbus A320-200s, which helped the carrier transport 416,500 passengers throughout its six-month history, and obtained a 0.62% of the Brazilian market share that year.

The registrations of Itapemirim’s six aircraft were PS-SFC, PS-TCS, PS-AAF, PS-ITA, PS-SPJ, and PS-MGF.

What happened to these airplanes?

The average age of Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos’ fleet was 17.2 years old. Four were leased by Carlyle Aviation Partners, and two by Deucalion Aviation. Of the six aircraft, Itapemirim received only one has been allocated with another airline.

Several Itapemirim aircraft

Photo: Lukas Souza | Simple Flying.


PS-SFC, owned by Deucalion Aviation, is an 18.76 years old Airbus A320 with a capacity to carry 180 passengers. It had its first flight in January 2004, and so far, it is the only one currently flying commercially. Deucalion is leasing this plane to Sky Angkor Airlines, a carrier based at Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) in Cambodia, which operates three aircraft overall.

Prior to flying with Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos, this plane also flew with Valu Air (2004-2013) and Turkish Airlines (2013-2019).


This plane is owned by Carlyle Aviation Partners. It is 18.58 years old and had its first flight in April 2004. According to ch-aviation, this aircraft is currently stored at Keflavik International Airport (KEF) in Iceland, but it already has a future operator in line, Sky Vision Airlines, a startup based in Cairo, Egypt.

In the past, PS-TCS operated with Tiger Airways (2004-2009), Volaris (2011-2014), and IndiGo Airlines (2015-2021).

An Itapemirim Airbus A320 aircraft

Photo: Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos.


PS-AAF is also owned by Carlyle Aviation Partners. It had its first flight in December 2004, and it is currently stored at San Bernardino International (SBD) in the United States. There’s no future operator in sight.

This plane had five previous operators prior to Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos: America West Airlines (2005-2007), US Airways (2007-2009), Cyprus Airways (2010-2015), Aegean Airlines (2015), and IndiGo Airlines (2016-2021).


This plane is owned by Deucalion Aviation, and has the capacity to carry 162 passengers (versus the 180 passengers of the first three aircraft on this list). It had its first flight in February 2005.

Jetstar Asia Airways first received the plane that year, and operated it until 2013, when it went to Turkish Airlines, who had it until 2019. Itapemirim was its third operator. The plane is currently stored at Tucson International (TUS).

An Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos aircraft

Photo: Lukas Souza | Simple Flying.


PS-SPJ is currently stored at San Bernardino, owned by Carlyle Aviation Partners. It has a cpaacity for 162 passengers, and had its first flight in 2005. It was operated by Spanair (2005-2012), Vueling Airlines (2012-2021), and Itapemirim. It is expected this plane will also be operated by the Egyptian startup Sky Vision Airlines.


Finally, PS-MGF is the youngest of the bunch, with an age of 13.59 years (it had its first flight in March 2009. It is owned by Carlyle Aviation Partners and currently stored at San Bernardino.

Prior to flying with Itapemirim, the plane flew with Olympic Air (2009-2013) and Aegean Airlines (2013-2021).

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