American Airlines has today revealed an incredible new premium product for its incoming fleet of extra long-haul A321s. Called the Flagship Suite, the new seats will come with privacy doors and plenty of luxurious touches. It will also be installed on the Boeing 787-9s due to be delivered in 2024 and beyond, and its 777-300ERs will be getting a refresh too.

Let’s take a look at the new product.

Flagship Suite on the A321XLR

American Airlines is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of its new long-range narrowbody fleet, the A321XLR. With customer experience at the forefront of making these jets a success, the airline is investing in a brand new premium product for its passengers, a product it calls the Flagship Suite.

Revealed today, this new product will include a privacy door, a chaise lounge seating option and increased personal storage space. American’s Vice President of Customer Experience Julie Rath, commented on the seats saying,

“We are enhancing the customer experience across their entire journey with American. The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the customized seat design of the Flagship Suite seats will offer customers a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet.”

American Airlines Flagship Suite on the A321XLR

The A321XLR will be laid out in a 1-1 arrangement. Photo: American Airlines

The Suites are arranged in a 1-1 layout on the XLR, with full height doors for ultimate privacy. Like JetBlue, the airline has gone for having the passengers’ heads near to the window rather than the aisle. Although this limits the potential for cloud-gazing, it does ensure less disturbance while in bed mode from people passing by in the aisle.

American Airlines Flagship Suite on the A321XLR

Gold accents add to the luxurious feel of these seats. Photo: American Airlines

Looking at the renders, it seems American is going for a very luxurious ambiance, with dark carpets and sidewalls combined with gold accents. Seat controls are on the side of the suite, while the tray table looks as if it will fold down from the panel on the forward wall. The circular highlight on the side surface suggests it could feature wireless charging once installed on the plane.

Appearing on the 787 Dreamliner and 777 as well

The Flagship Suite will also make an appearance on the airline’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners coming after 2024. Here, we can expect a 1-2-1 layout, again with full height privacy doors, large screens and pleasantly furnished spaces.

American Airlines Flagship Suite on the 787-9

On the Dreamliner, seats are in a 1-2-1 layout. Photo: American Airlines

Tray tables emerge from under the IFE and are extendable for working and dining in all positions. A further bistro table is installed near the door, which will be handy for storing drinks and snacks when reclined or in bed mode.

American Airlines Flagship Suite on the 787-9

Passengers on the Dreamliner also get a full height closing door. Photo: American Airlines

Center passengers will be able to enjoy a shared experience with their travel companion, thanks to a sliding screen between the two center seats. Of course, this can also be closed for more privacy if traveling solo.

American Airlines Flagship Suite on the 787-9

Middle of the cabin passengers can enjoy a shared experience with their seatmate if they wish. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines says that the Boeing 777-300ER will also be retrofitted with the Flagship Suite, starting in 2024. Its fleet of 16 A321Ts will also have a refit.

New premium economy

As the first airline to introduce long-haul premium economy to the US market in 2016, American is stepping up its game in this popular cabin. Its new premium economy seat is designed to provide more personal storage and additional privacy over what’s currently available.

American Airlines new Premium Economy seating on the A321XLR

The A321XLR will have 12 premium economy seats on board. Photo: American Airlines

The redesigned seats feature a new winged headrest for additional comfort and privacy. Large middle armrests add to the personal space, while a center console provides additional storage. The A321XLR will also get premium economy, with a total of 12 seats in each airplane.

American Airlines new Premium Economy seating on the A321XLR

The new premium economy product enhances privacy and personal space. Photo: American Airlines

In all, American is seriously increasing the number of premium placements on its long-haul fleet. The new Boeing 787-9s will have 51 Flagship Suites and 32 premium economy seats while the A321XLRs will have 20 Flagship Suites and 12 premium economy. This means that the amount of premium seating on the long-haul fleet will grow by more than 45% by 2026.

American Airlines new Premium Economy seating on the 787-9

The Dreamliners will have 11 more premium economy seats than are currently available. Photo: American Airlines

What do you make of the new seat designs?


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