Baldwin Safety & Compliance customers can now seamlessly file NASA Aviation Safety Report System (ASRS) from within their Baldwin safety reporting module. This allows customers to complete one report in the portal and also submit it to the ASRS database.

“We are always striving to streamline our safety information processes, therefore integrating NASA ASRS reporting capability into our reporting function is a great example,” said Baldwin director of safety Jason Starke. “I believe it will encourage more submissions because of the convenience and ultimately improve safety by sharing vital information with the aviation community. Plans are also underway to build an ASRS UAS form for drone operators to submit to the NASA database.”

The ASRS database is a public repository that serves the FAA and NASA, as well as other organizations that are engaged in research and the promotion of safe flight. Under the ASRS, the agencies collect, analyze, and respond to voluntarily submitted aviation safety event reports to improve safety in the National Airspace System.


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