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The start of the World Cup in Qatar is rapidly approaching. To accommodate the increased demand, Doha International Airport has reopened to passenger airlines after shutting to them eight years ago. It is a means of reducing pressure on Doha Hamad. As of September 20th, 12 carriers have filed flights from Doha International. Almost all have already started, and some continue to serve Hamad.

Passenger flights: Doha International

Doha International is the previous airport serving the Middle East city. Having ended scheduled passenger flights in 2014, it was used by the Royal Family, VIPs, the Qatar Air Force, and more. Now airline service is back, although only until the end of the year.

While it might change, the latest data from Cirium indicates that Doha International has 2,114 departing flights scheduled between September and December, as summarized below:

  • September: 199 departing flights from Doha International
  • October: 399
  • November: 738
  • December: 778

As the World Cup runs between November 20th and December 18th, the majority of flights (72%) are, of course, in the last two months of the year. Indeed, it is estimated that Doha International will have ~12% of all flights to/from Qatar in this peak period.

flydubai B737

flydubai has by far the most flights at Doha International. Photo: flydubai.

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12 passenger airlines so far

The following table summarizes Doha International’s passenger operation, organized by total departing flights. The vast majority – 1,535 out of 2,088 – are to the United Arab Emirates, with routes less than an hour away. There’s a real shuttle service, supplemented by more flights from Hamad. (World2Fly uses two air operator’s certificates, so it is technically two separate airlines.)

Airline Dates of flights from Doha International Route(s) (each doesn’t necessarily operate for the same period) Departing flights Aircraft (in order of flights)
flydubai Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Dubai International & World Central 925 B737 MAX 8, B737 MAX 9
Etihad Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Abu Dhabi 346 A321, A320, B787-9, B787-10
Air Arabia Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Sharjah 264 A320, A321neo
Pegasus Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen 145 A320, A321neo, B737-800
SalamAir Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Muscat 111 A320neo
Jazeera Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Kuwait 107 A320, A320neo
Pakistan International Sep. 15th to Dec. 30th Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar 106 A320ceo
Nepal Airlines Sep.18th to Dec. 30th Kathmandu 59 A330-200, A320
Ethiopian Airlines Sep. 16th to Dec. 30th Addis Ababa 45 B787-8, B737 MAX 8, B777-200LR, B787-9
Air Cairo Sep. 19th to Oct. 27th Sohag Just 4 flights A320
World2Fly Nov. 30th only Madrid 1 charter flight A350-900
World2Fly Portugal Nov. 30th only Cardiff 1 charter flight A330-300
TMLN123 via Wikimedia.”” data-img-url=”https://static1.simpleflyingimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1600px-Nepal_Airlines_Airbus_A330_-_200_on_final_approach.jpg” data-modal-container-id=”single-image-modal-container” data-modal-id=”single-image-modal”>

Nepal Airlines A330 on approach

Nepal Airlines departs Doha International to Kathmandu at either 02:45 or 03:25. Photo: TMLN123 via Wikimedia .

Up to 50 daily flights

Currently, there are up to 50 daily flights from Doha International. For example, on Wednesday, Nov. 30th, there’s the following:

  1. flydubai: 33 flights to Dubai (30 to World Central, three to International)
  2. Etihad: six flights to Abu Dhabi
  3. Air Arabia: two to Sharjah
  4. Pegasus: two to Istanbul
  5. Ethiopian: one to Addis Ababa
  6. Jazeera: one to Kuwait
  7. Nepal: one to Kathmandu
  8. Pakistan International: one to Peshawar
  9. SalamAir: one to Muscat
  10. World2Fly: one to Madrid
  11. World2Fly: one to Cardiff

Will you be going to Qatar for the World Cup? If so, comment on which airline and airports.

Source: simpleflying.com

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