It is the airline’s 11th Middle East city.

Ethiopian Airlines B737 MAX 8 Amman
Photo: via Queen Alia International Airport (Amman).

Ethiopian Airlines has started flying between Addis Ababa and Amman, its 11th city in the Middle East. It’s the first time in over 10 years that the route has been served – but not by Ethiopian. Until June 2012, defunct UK carrier bmi flew London Heathrow-Amman-Addis Ababa and back using A321s.

Third time lucky to Amman

It isn’t the first time that Ethiopian planned Jordan service. It scheduled flights in July 2019, but they didn’t take off. Then they were due to begin in August 2021, a period ravished by the pandemic, but they didn’t. Finally, at 22:53 on September 19th, Flightradar24 shows that Ethiopian flight ET428 left Africa for Amman.

Operated by 4.2-year-old ET-AVM, a 160-seat, two-class B737 MAX 8, the first flight lasted for 3h 19m. Returning, ET429 departed from the Jordanian capital at 04:02 and arrived home at 07:17 after some 3h 15m. As you can see, it didn’t quite keep to schedule:

  • Addis Ababa to Amman: ET428, 22:30-02:05+1 (3h 35m block time); Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Amman to Addis Ababa: ET429, 03:05-06:40 (3h 35m); Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays

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Ethiopian to Amman

Given Amman has relatively little point-to-point demand – few people fly between the two cities – transit traffic will be vital. That’s the case for most of its routes. It’s why Amman is scheduled as it is: to maximize two-way connectivity to/from 50+ African cities over the large and growing Addis Ababa hub. It’s the same set-up for its flights to Europe, North America, and Asia.


This shows Ethiopian’s main Africa and the Middle East banks of departures (green) and arrivals (blue) this week. It’s highly coordinated for passengers and freight to connect to/from flights across Africa. Image: OAG.

Ethiopian’s 11th Middle East city

Between September 20th (the day of writing) and October 29th (the last day of the summer season), Ethiopian Airlines’ Middle East network comprises the following. It’s organized by the number of flights, with aircraft listed in order of how often they’re deployed. Notice Doha International. Because of the World Cup, it is temporarily serving the old airport rather than Doha Hamad.

  • Addis Ababa to Dubai: 3x daily, A350-900 and B777-300ER
  • Addis Ababa to Beirut: 2x daily, B737-800, B737 MAX 8, B787-8, B787-9
  • Addis Ababa to Jeddah: 1x daily, B787-8, A350-900
  • Addis Ababa to Riyadh: 1x daily, B737 MAX 8, B787-8, B777-200LR
  • Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv: 1x daily, A350-900, B777-300ER, B737-800, B787-9, B787-8, B777-200LR
  • Addis Ababa to Kuwait: 6x weekly, B737-700, B737 MAX 8
  • Addis Ababa to Muscat: up to 5x weekly, B737-800
  • Addis Ababa to Bahrain: 3x weekly, B737-800, B787-8
  • Addis Ababa to Dammam: 3x weekly, B737-800
  • Addis Ababa to Doha International: 3x weekly, B737-800, B787-8, B787-9, B777-200LR
  • Addis Ababa to Amman: 3x weekly, B737 MAX 8

The breadth of equipment stands out, reflecting aircraft availability, increased cargo capacity, and right-sizing seat capacity to passenger demand. This mix-and-match should increase overall seat load factors and revenue per available seat mile, both key route performance indicators.

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