Delta will use the B757-300 on 17 routes.

Although only 55 were produced, B757-300 is still going strong, including with Delta. It has 16, more than the A330-200, A220-300, and A321neo. And just one fewer aircraft than the A330neo and five fewer than the B767-400ER. Still, context is needed. Across Delta’s October flights, the B757-300 is responsible for just 0.93%. One in every 108 flights is by it.

Delta’s B757-300s

Delta’s 16-strong fleet of B757-300s was inherited from Northwest, just like all of United’s were from Continental. Averaging 19.7 years, the first of Delta’s (then Northwest’s) arrived just over two decades ago in July 2002. Registered N582NW, it was joined by N581NW the following month.

Across all of Delta’s narrowbodies, ch-aviation shows that the B757-300 is its sixth-oldest, behind the A321neo (0.3 years), A220-300 (1.6), A220-100 (2.8), A321ceo (3.6), and B737-900ER (6.5).

The B757-300 is high-capacity equipment. Delta’s examples have a three-class, 234-seat layout; 24 in first (up to 38″ pitch; 2-2 layout), 32 in Delta Comfort+ (34″; 3-3), and 178 in Main Cabin (30-31″; 3-3).

The type is renowned for low seat-mile costs. To put that into perspective, it has 35 more seats than Delta’s highest-density B757-200. The difference is especially acute in economy, with up to an additional 28. It is hardly surprising that the SkyTeam airline mainly deploys the B757-300 on high-density and/or leisure-focused routes.

Kentaro Iemoto via Flickr.”” data-img-url=”” data-modal-container-id=”single-image-modal-container” data-modal-id=”single-image-modal”>

Delta B757-300

Seattle, where this photo was taken in 2010, remains an important B757-300 airport. Photo: Kentaro Iemoto via Flickr .

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14 airports to see the B757-300

Analyzing Cirium data indicates that Delta has 1,229 B757-300 flights in October, entirely domestically. Some 14 airports will see it. In order of flights, they are Atlanta, Detroit, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Honolulu. The world’s busiest airport, Atlanta has – yes, really – 753 (!) of the 1,229, or six in every ten.

Delta's B757-300 route network October 2022

Delta’s B757-300 route network in October 2022. Image: GCMap.

17 routes in October

The following table summarizes Delta’s B757-300 network in October. The 2,139 miles (3,442km) between Atlanta and San Francisco has more total flights than any other route. But with up to six a day, Atlanta to Las Vegas has the highest daily maximum, although it varies significantly from one to six, and the maximum is only twice: on October 2nd and 3rd.

Routes with fewer than 31 flights a month do not have flights each day. For example, Seattle-Honolulu has a daily B757-300 flight until October 7th, then Saturday-only until the 28th, and finally daily again.

Notice Atlanta to Detroit, which has two B757-300 services in that direction only. They’re both on Wednesday, October 5th: DL386 leaving at 13:33, and DL1223 departing at 16:59. Shame neither goes at 17:53.

B757-300 route Total October departing flights Maximum daily flights
Atlanta to San Francisco 91 Up to 4
Atlanta to Las Vegas 83 Up to 6
Atlanta to Orlando 77 Up to 4
Detroit to Orlando 60 (runs from the 6th) Up to 3
Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale 38 Up to 2
Detroit to Fort Myers 33 (runs from the 6th) Up to 2
Detroit to Seattle 31 1
Detroit to San Francisco 31 1
Atlanta to Jacksonville 25 (runs from the 6th) 1
Minneapolis to Los Angeles 25 1
Atlanta to San Diego 24 (runs until the 24th) Up to 2
Atlanta to Seattle 23 (runs until the 30th) 1
Detroit to Los Angeles 23 1
Detroit to Fort Lauderdale 22 (runs 6th-30th) 1
Atlanta to Salt Lake City 15 (runs until the 24th) 1
Seattle to Honolulu 13 1
Atlanta to Detroit 2 October 5th only

Have you flown Delta’s, or any other airline’s, B757-300s? If so, share your experience in the comments.


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