For years, three airports have fallen under the airport codes for New York City, but in a few weeks, that will change. From October 3, Newark Liberty International Airport will no longer be considered a New York City airport by IATA.

Three major airports

The New York City metropolitan area is one of the few areas in the world that is home to multiple major airports. Metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and London, are home to numerous airports. New York has three major airports, two of which are located in the state of New York and one that is located in New Jersey but is closer to some of Manhattan than one of the airports in New York.

Delta Air Lines new Laguardia terminal

Delta recently inaugurated a new terminal at LGA. Photo: Delta Air LInes

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the largest of all three and sees the most diverse international traffic. LaGuardia Airport, often spoken of negatively, is a base for a few airlines and serves primarily domestic traffic but a few international flights. Finally, on the other side of the water is another beast, the always congested Newark Liberty International Airport. Newark is a large hub for United Airlines, which is why the airport has many international flights. Still, outside of United, few international airlines are operating out of EWR.

What changes for passengers?

Until now, all three airports have been united under one IATA city code, but that is about to change. But what does that mean for passengers? The answer to that question will depend on the airlines and their policies. Since EWR will no longer be considered a New York City airport by IATA, airlines will not be required to give the passengers options to/from the other two New York City airports. Currently, many airlines offer passengers the option to change flights within a city code without a penalty.

The airline policy listed above may or may not change; only time will tell. Some United States airlines will also rebook passengers within a 100-mile radius of their origin or destination if their trip is interrupted.

EWR Airport

United is the largest operator at EWR and operates numerous international flights from the airport. Photo: Getty Images

Just a few months ago, I was in Missouri and purchased a ticket that would take me back to Denver even though I ultimately needed to end up in Colorado Springs. I experienced delays and cancelations during the trip and had to stay in Missouri overnight before leaving the following day. The staff at the airport were able to rebook me to fly into Colorado Springs the next day because it is within 100 miles of Denver.

According to Travel + Leisure, IATA shared a statement that made it clear that when passengers search for flight options to/from New York City on airline sites or other travel agencies, all three New York area airports will be listed. This is a relief and makes things easier for passengers, who will not have to perform one search for the NYC area airports and another for EWR when booking flights.

Have you ever flown through NYC’s airports? If so, which one(s)? Have you ever had to transit from one NYC airport to another? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Travel + Leisure


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